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Real Story Of Lucknow’s Famous Tunday Kababi

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, is not only known for its beauty and affection, but also for its delicious food. When you want to eat something good and do not take the name of Tunde Kebab, then there will be some dishonesty in it. The specialty of Tunde Kebab, which is famous all over the world, is that it dissolves in the mouth. Its recipe is like this. The Tunday Kebabi shop is in a street near Akbari Gate in the Chowk which still attracts people.

Third generation Abu Bakr says that his ancestors came here from Bhopal about 200 years ago. He says that Haji Murad Ali, the grandfather of his maternal grandfather, was the chef of the Nawab of Bhopal, who was very fond of food and drink. When his old age came and there were no teeth in his mouth, in such a situation, he found it difficult to eat meat. On this, the Nawab Sahab of Bhopal requested to make something easily edible. After that, the cook chewed the meat finely and put spices and papaya in it and made a kebab which dissolved in the mouth. After this, the old and young Nawabs also liked the taste of kebab of Gillavat that is how Tunday Kebabi got the status of the royal kebab of Awadh.

Haji Murad Ali’s shop opened in the year 1905

As soon as you enter inside the Akbari Gate in the Chowk, you will see kebab being cooked in slow flame in a big bowl. It seems as if its fragrance pulls you towards itself. Haji Murad Ali’s shop opened in a small place in the year 1905, which is famous all around the world. It is now known as Tunde Kebab. It is another matter that they do not tell the ancestral recipe of making their kebabs. This is what makes them different from others. Today, their shops are running in Aminabad, Kapurthala and Saharaganj.

Kebab’s Secret Recipe

Kebabuses both large i.e. buffalo and small i.e. goat. It uses 135 types of spices along with a variety of herbs. All spices are taken from different shops so that it is not known which spices are taken. All the spices are grounded and roasted at home. According to Abu Bakr, this is his trade secret. It has not been disclosed to anyone till date. Apart from this, raw papaya, roasted gram flour, fragrance (kevda, clove smoke) is also added to it.

Famous Restaurant In Lucknow

It Takes 2 hours :

it takes two to two and a half hours to make kebabs. Neem hakims also consider the specialty of these kebabs as being beneficial for the stomach. Parathas are also eaten with it, which is made by adding maida, milk, almonds, desi ghee and egg.

So that’s why the name Tunday Kebabi

The word ‘Tunde’ means ‘Lula’ or one whose hand is cut off. Abu Bakr says that the name became famous when Haji Murad’s hand broke while flying a kite and he had to cut it later. In such a situation, when Murad used to sit in the shop, people started calling it Tunde Kebab. After this, it became famous all over the world with the same name.

Tunday Kababi Lucknow

Taste remain unchanged even after 100 years

Abu Bakr explains that at this time the fourth generation is handling the shop and he himself belongs to the third generation. The taste of kebab which started from the year 1905 is the same even today, which dissolves in the mouth on eating. This is why this kebab is famous all over the world. He said that many celebrities including Asha Bhosle, Anupam Kher, Farooq Sheikh, Shabana Azmi and Shah Rukh have tasted Tunde Kebab. It is worth mentioning that Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan has often invited there team during various events to make Tunde Kebab at his home, ‘Mannat’ in Mumbai.

Phone number : 0522 4307223

Opening hours : All Day 12:30pm – 11:30pm

Address :

168/6, Khayali Ganj, Naaz Cinema Road, Aminabad, Lucknow


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