State Museum Lucknow

State Museum Lucknow

State Museum Lucknow

Located in : Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Garden

Address : Narhi, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001

Opening Time : The State Museum remains open on all days of the week, excluding Monday. Tourists can visit the place any day from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Ticket Price :Indians : Adult Rs. 5/Per Person, Children Rs. 3/Per Person
Foreigners: 100 INR Per Person

Open Year : 1863

History of the Museum Lucknow :

The museum commenced in 1863 with a small collection of artifacts housed in the Choti Chattar Manzil building in Qaisar Bagh by the commissioner of Lucknow of that time, Colonel Abbott. This storage house of artifacts functioned as a municipal institution in its early days until it was given the status of a ‘Provincial Museum,’ in 1883. The museum was shifted to a larger space in the Lal Baradari in June 1884, the erstwhile coronation hall of the Nawabs of Awadh.

An important management committee member, Mr. A.O. Hume, also contributed to the formation of the museum starting from the colonial period. In 1867 the State Museum’s first director was Emanuel Bonavia, a surgeon. The museum’s first curator, archeologist Dr. A.A. Fuhrer, was appointed on 30 March 1885. 

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State Museum Lucknow – Cultural Delight Of Lucknow :

  • State Museum was established in 1863 from the collection of Colonel Abbot; it is the largest and oldest museum in Lucknow and is multipurpose; State Museum is one of the most famous cultural delights for tourists in Lucknow.
  • Before being renamed the ‘State Museum’ in 1950, it was given the status of ‘Provincial Museum’
  • It is a renowned cultural site in Lucknow located within the premises of Lucknow Zoo and is home to various galleries.
  • The mesmerizing galleries in the State Museum include Jain art, Indian sculpture, Buddha, Nawab arts and coins, Egyptian, archaeological, natural history, and metal art.
  • The exhibitions in these galleries allow you to remember and know the art of bygone eras, giving tourists the greatest historical tour in Lucknow.
  • The collection of contemporary objects and arts of Awadh were only displayed in the initial years, but later, the museum expanded its galleries and not solely for the elderly people or people who like history; the State Museum is also one of the best and most informative places to visit in Lucknow for children.
  • Other than the historical knowledge through exhibits, the museum also organizes various screen films and events for college students and school children.

Varied Collection of the State Museum :

The museum houses various collections from archeological to painting to a rich numismatic collection. These items are kept in their customized galleries based on the type of collection and display of the selected objects. The museum’s history is embedded in colonial collecting practices, with the vast number of archeological excursions undertaken by the museum referring to the primary collection of the museum. Therefore the archeological gallery becomes an essential part of the museum and is highlighted due to its being a primary and vast collection.


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