Sharma Ji Ki Chai Lucknow

Sharma Ji Ki Chai

Sharma Ji Ki Chai One of the most popular tea shops in Lucknow.It is very famous among people.They serve tea,round samosa,white bun makhan.There is usually a huge crowd and it is very busy on weekends.This place also attracts many celebrities and guests from around the world.

The menu of Sharma Ji Ki Chai is simple yet desired by many; the Lucknowites cherish its delectable taste, and even tourists from different Indian cities have it on their list of places to visit. 

  • Cost of Tea in Kulhad – Rs.30, and the cost of tea in a paper cup -Rs.20 
  • Cost of Bun Samosa is Rs.30, and cost of bun makkhan is Rs.25
  • Cost of Gol samosa, mathri, suhal and mithai is Rs.15 each.
shama ji ki chai lucknow
  • Sharma Ji Ki Chai is one of the oldest and most famous tea stalls in Lucknow; it is well-known for its chai, bun Makhan (white butter), gol samosa, and bun samosa, along with mathri and mithai. 
  • Sharma Ji Ki Chai has reasonable and pocket-friendly prices and offers fast service to its customers. 
  • The tea stall serves vegetarian items only. One of Lucknow’s most savory and famous tea shops is located very near the famous Hazratganj market. 
  • In Lucknow’s famous tea stall, you will find regular customers crowded and demanding Bun Makhan chai on Sundays and holidays. 
  • Rich or Poor, at Sharma Ji Ki Chai, you can see all sections of society. 
  • Chai is served in Kulhad (clay cup) or a paper cup. 
  • You will find triangle samosa everywhere, but at Sharma Ji Ki Chai, you will get gol/round samosa.

History & Founder Of Sharma Ji Ki Chai Lucknow :

  • Shri Om Prakash Sharma, a native of Aligarh, founded the tea stall in 1949. 
  • Sharma Ji Ki Chai shop is 70 years old and is run by the third generation of the Sharma family. 
  • Manav Sharma, the third generation of the Sharma family, is taking his grandfather’s legacy forward. 
  • Deepak Sharma, son of Om Prakash Sharma, is the owner of Sharma Ji Ki Chai and manages the tea stall with his son Manav Sharma (grandson of Shri Om Prakash Sharma). 
  • Many prominent politicians like former Prime Minister Shri Atal Ji and former UP Chief Ministers Kalyan Singh & Rajnath Singh have visited Sharma Ji Ki Chai. Its chai was also tasted by Rahul Gandhi, Raj Babbar, Priyanka Gandhi, and Jyotiraditya Scindia. 
  • This tea stall was also praised by many TV and Bollywood celebrities like Sanjeev Kapoor, Kartik Aaryan, and Ananya Panday on their visit to Lucknow.


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