Satkhanda Palace Historical Landmark

Satkhanda Lucknow

Address : Husainabad Trust Rd, Husainabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003

Opening Time : Open 24 hours all days in week

Ticket Price : No entry fee

Place Type : Historical Landmark, Monument

Nearest Metro : KD Singh Babu Stadium Metro Station, IT College Metro Station

About Satkhanda :

Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah built Satkhanda in 1842; this majestic structure is a decaying 67m red-brick clock tower. The tallest in India, it was built in memory of Sir George Couper, a reform-minded Governor of UP. Despite being ancient, the architecture displays finesse and showcases a blend of Italian style and structural designs. Satkhanda is liked mainly for its architectural excellence, and the tower looks like a medieval painting of the Tower of Babel. Add it to your must-visit list and experience the blend of royalty and architectural elegance in one place. Satkhanda is famous tourist attraction in Lucknow.

Image : Hindustan Times

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