Clock Tower Lucknow

The Clock Tower Of Lucknow

The City of Nawabs, Lucknow, which has its own identity in the whole world. Lucknow is famous all over the world for its special ancient heritage and buildings. One of these is the Clock tower, which is called the highest clock tower in the country. Situated in Lucknow, this Clock tower boasts of its glorious past. There was a time when the entire Lucknow city’s time was set by the clock tower. At the time of this, entire Lucknow used to run, whether one had to go to his office or the children had to go to school. Everyone was immediately alert at the clamour of this clock and used to repeat the work done throughout the day. When the clock tower rang, everyone was awakened by its sound. This Clock tower in Lucknow gives a glimpse of the beauty of architecture, perhaps this is why this clock tower is famous all over the world not only for telling time but also for its architectural beauty.

As time changed, the times of people’s lives also changed. Earlier the people used to go to their office after hearing the sound of the clock tower, today its sound seems to be lost in the darkness of oblivion. Today, no one matches their watch with it, but in itself, it is still standing in the same way while holding the history of Lucknow city and watching it pass below. These buildings of time have withstood time itself, but did not give up. They are still in place.

Historians say that the construction of the 221 feet high Clock tower was started in 1881 by Nawab Naseeruddin Haider. And its construction was completed in 1887. It was built by Nawab Naseeruddin Haider on the arrival of Sir George Cooper. George Cooper was then the first Lieutenant Governor of the United Oudh Province. It is considered to be one of the finest specimens of British architecture and this beautiful design was prepared by Raskel Payne. Clock tower is considered a classic example of Victorian Gothic style in India. The construction of this clock tower cost Rs 1.75 lakh at that time.

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Needles Made Of Gun Metal:

History tells us that the needles installed in this clock tower have been made from the metal of the gun, and that is probably why it is suited to the Indian weather. Its needles were brought from London’s Luigat Hill. Some people also consider this Clock tower dedicated to Sir George Tajir as a victory column.

Construction On The Lines Of London:

This Clock tower located in Lucknow was built on the lines of Big Ben in London. If we talk about its pendulum then the length of its pendulum is 14 feet and its thickness is one and a half inch. It has bells in the shape of flower petals which rings every hour. The surprising thing is that no pillar has been used to support such a high building.

Time Was Still Visible At Night

5 bells were installed in the clock tower, and the bells were made in such a way that its sound could be heard far and wide. The bells used to tell time, every hour, half an hour, a quarter of a quarter and a quarter of an hour.The big needle of Clock tower is 6 feet long and the small needle is 4 and a half feet. To tell the people the right time during night time, 8 lamps of copper are fitted with dials.These lamps have transparent glass in front and silver-mounted reflectors on the back. These lamps can be lowered with the help of iron rings.While the clock tower of Hussainabad is the centre of attraction for tourists, the clock towers of GPO, City Station, Municipal Office, Lohia Park and Christian College are recognized for their beauty.

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Clock tower situated in the Christian college campus on Jagat Narayan Road

A clock tower is also located in the premises of Christian College, Lucknow, built in 1862, which was built on the lines of Big Ben Tower in London in 1913.

It was built for this purpose so that students can do their studies according to the time. This watch being an archaeological example is maintained in a special way.

Clock tower of Municipal Corporation office, Hazratganj

There is a municipal office in Hazratganj, Lucknow, where the clock tower was constructed in 1923, its bell rings every 12 hours.

Clock tower of Hazratganj GPO

The clock tower of Hazratganj GPO in the capital is also the centre of attraction for the people. This building was constructed between the years 1929 to 1932 and then the British rulers built the clock tower here.

Beautiful Clock tower of Hazratganj

By the way, if a particular place is identified in Lucknow, it is Hazratganj, Heart of Lucknow. There is also a clock tower in front of the multilevel parking in Hazratganj which was built by the British during their rule. It was built in the 18th century.

Clock Tower with gold needles

There is a clock tower in the Chief Postmaster General Building near the Hindi Institute at Hazratganj. It is said that the needles of the clock on this building built during the time of the British were of gold. Apart from this, there were diamonds on its numerals, which kept shining.

Clock Tower Of Modern Era

Speaking of modern times, Lohia Park located in Gomti Nagar also has a clock tower, which was built by the Samajwadi Party government in 2007. The specialty of this watch is that its time is set via satellite. The device to set the clock via satellite came from Chennai.

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